Alexander Technique Teachers of Greater Philadelphia (ATTGP) is a community of Alexander Technique teachers from the Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area who have joined together to provide support for one another and share the benefits of the Alexander Technique with the people in our area.

The following before and after photographs show the difference using the Alexander Technique can make to your balance, ease and poise in a variety of activities.

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Photographs by Jano Cohen Photography

For over 100 years, the Alexander Technique has served as a unique approach to the re-education of dynamic postural co-ordination for people all over the world. F.M. Alexander, the developer of the Technique, was a pioneer in the art of teaching people from all walks of life how to recognize and release chronic patterns of excess tension in our thought and movement patterns. His work is designed to restore optimal functioning and fully coordinated balance, poise, and self-expression in the activities of daily life (sitting, standing, walking), as well as in the highly skilled performance requirements of athletes and artists. In addition, studies have shown that lessons in the Alexander Technique are effective for the management and relief of pain.

Alexander Technique Teachers of Greater Philadelphia hosts informal monthly work exchanges for member teachers and collaborative promotional events to champion the benefits of the Technique to a wider community.

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