The Alexander Technique is a unique and thoughtful process for solving harmful habits – from improving posture while working at the computer to releasing tension to help back pain. Students learn to reduce strain in order to improve functioning in a systematic and holistic way with gentle hands-on guidance and verbal coaching from their teacher.

The following photographs show ATTGP members working with people in a variety of activities:

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Photographs by Jano Cohen Photography

Learn how the Alexander Technique can help you:

  • relieve and prevent pain
  • reduce strain and muscular tension
  • prevent injury
  • improve posture and coordination
  • enhance performance
  • manage stress
  • increase range of motion
  • improve confidence and self-control
  • enjoy greater mind/body awareness


This following video summarizes the results of the major back pain study published in the British Medical Journal in 2008. The study showed that the Alexander Technique was highly effective in treating back pain. There have since been follow-up studies that confirm this result.

In September 2012 a study by the University of Bristol showed that learning the Alexander Technique has benefits for those who suffer from chronic pain. Click here for more information.

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