“As a young dancer, I first studied the Alexander Technique with a teacher that kept insisting that I “think it, not do it!”. I left lessons each week frustrated and perplexed. I was convinced I was too slow or dense to comprehend what was being asked of me. A few years later I gave it another go with a different teacher and I can remember distinctly having a turn working on a balance in arabesque (with one leg behind me off the floor). The change was enormous — I was working way less and my balance was far better! That moment showed me that how I was working so hard to balance was not in fact helping. My curiosity was engaged and hasn’t waned since! I am convinced it was the practical application of the work that made all the difference — and one I aspire to remember and embody in my teaching.”
– Ariel Weiss, Alexander Technique Teacher

“The Alexander Technique helped me on many levels. First, I was experiencing chronic pain in my arms and back from playing violin with too much tension, and through the Alexander Technique, I discovered and let go of the root causes of my pain which lead to the eventual cessation of pain. Second, because I was no longer using so much muscular effort to play violin, doing what I wanted to do on the violin became almost effortless and changed from being effortful and nerve-wracking to joyful and calming. Third, the Alexander Technique has given me a meaningful way of deepening my connection with other people and of learning to express my authentic self. This is an extremely worthwhile study.”
– Joseph Arnold, Alexander Technique Teacher

“My background is in acting and I first experienced the Alexander Technique in college. The work was infinitely useful for me because it gave me a wealth of movement options that directly applied to performance. In furthering my experience with the technique however, I am learning how practical it can be for life outside the stage. AT is not only giving me confidence and ease in daily activities but also improving my outlook from the inside out.”
– Tyrone Palmer, Teacher Trainee