Below you will find a listing of Alexander Technique classes, workshops, clinics, and self-study courses being offered by ATTGP members, including a variety of online and in-person offerings.

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Constructive Rest for Stress Relief

Monthly Guided Constructive Rest Sessions with Imogen Ragone

Next Session:
Monday, May 20, 2024
11:00-11:30 AM US Eastern Time (find your time zone here)

Put your own oxygen mask on first, just like the flight attendants always say. You’ll have more energy and resources to do the things you want and have to do if you put self-care first – and I can show you exactly how to do that in just 30 minutes.

Lying down for a few minutes in Constructive Rest helps you to improve your posture without strain, release excess tension and calm your nervous system so you can be your most efficient, energetic and productive self.  You feel better and are more fun to be around!

No experience necessary!

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Suggested Cost: $10-$30 Please pay what you can.

Contact Imogen at if you have any questions.

Foundations of Regulation:
BodyIntelligence, Neurobiology, and Trauma

A 6-Week Online Course for People Dealing with Trauma or Chronic Stress

with Imogen Ragone

Next offered:
Six Tuesdays, June 4 – July 9, 2024
11:30 AM – 1 PM US Eastern Time
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Delivered Live on Zoom

Imagine a life where you can navigate stressful situations with ease and make empowered decisions for yourself.

This becomes possible with Foundations of Regulation.

This transformative course offers a dynamic blend of neurobiology and BodyIntelligence that brings genuine relief, while forced positivity and sheer willpower will fail every time.

In this course Imogen and her co-presenter trauma awareness educator, Shay Seaborne, will introduce you to a portable, discreet, use-anywhere tool that invites ease and helps you build, or rebuild, a healthy nervous system – a regulated nervous system. You’ll build on this skill and be able to apply it in many areas of your life.

With Imogen and Shay’s expert guidance, you’ll complete the course able to tap in to your own body’s intelligence and better regulate your own nervous system. You’ll start building your own framework of safety and connection, and live with greater ease and joy.

More information at:

Contact Imogen at if you have any questions.

Lunch-time Alexander 

with Ariel Weiss  

For Everyone

Mondays noon – 1:00 pm Eastern

Weekly classes exploring Alexander’s Discoveries. Questions, requests and all activities welcomed – appropriate for both those new to Alexander Technique and anyone interested in continuing and enriching their study. Let’s explore together!

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$20 or Monthly Pass

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Wednesday Wellness

with Amy Ward Brimmer

Wednesdays, 12:00 – 12:30 pm

Meet up online for health and wellness tips, mindful practices, and fun explorations to boost your awareness and revive your overall well-being.

Each 30-minute session will focus on a specific theme, which might include evidence-based information, simple repeatable movements, new ways of thinking — anything that supports a better understanding of your whole self.

Whether we’re talking, listening, meditating, or moving gently, you’ll get a chance to explore topics like:

  • balance
  • breathing
  • sitting, standing, and walking well
  • “positive” states like gratitude and compassion
  • working with difficult emotions
  • mindful eating
  • savoring life through your senses
  • …and much more – bring your own concerns and interests!

It’s a nice midweek break that will give you tools you’ll return to over and over again as you make your way through life.

This is a group learning experience. Show up and learn from everyone else (I’m not the only knowledgeable person in the Zoom room). Bring your own expertise and help others in the WOW community.

There is no charge for Wednesday Wellness. If you wish, you can make a donation once you sign up and get the Zoom link.

More information and register at:

Play Free Musicians’ Lab

with Ariel Weiss

Wednesdays 2:00 – 3:00 pm Eastern

An online gathering for musicians exploring how Alexander Technique can help you improve agility and technique, expressivity and the joy of making music! Bring your music, instruments and requests.

Register here:

$20 or Monthly Pass

For more information: or

Move Free, Feel Free 

with Ariel Weiss

(for seniors)

Tuesdays 10:00am – 11:00 am Eastern

Online weekly classes for seniors exploring how Alexander’s Discoveries about mind-body coordination can help you feel and function at your best.

* Please note that class meets in person in the Crosslands Multi-Purpose room once a month so there is NO ONLINE CLASS every 4th Wednesday of the month.

Register here:

$20 or Monthly Pass

For more information: or

The Secret to Electrifying Music & Art
Discover Your Creative Soulforce with Alexander Technique

Weekly Classes in the Soulforce Arts Community with Joseph Arnold

There’s something missing… You’re creating. You’re giving it your best. You do all the right techniques… but something’s off. Why isn’t it connecting? Where’s the flow, the thrill, the electrifying energy that could have your audiences on the edge of their seats? What’s the missing piece?

It’s “Soulforce” the indefinable aura of authenticity, aliveness, and connection that every artist longs to express, and that every audience wants to experience.

But can Soulforce be learned, or is tapping into it just a matter of luck?

Yes! You can learn to reliably tap into your Soulforce. Here’s the secret: your Soulforce already lies in wait within you, ready to burst forth – if you simply get out of the way of it.

In this weekly online masterclass, you will discover your own Soulforce and learn to channel it, even in the most challenging circumstances, such as performances, auditions, and under deadlines.

As a part of learning to channel your Soulforce, you will also:

  • Discover your deepest artistic purpose,
  • Revitalize your creativity with the transformative power of Soulforce,
  • Enjoy more fun, ease, and pleasure while taking your artistic skills to the next level,
  • Embody powerful methods for relieving physical and emotional challenges,
  • Make a more fulfilling and profitable living in the arts (for those arts pros among you)
  • Make art that matters to you and your community

These classes are based on the Alexander Technique, a method of releasing unnecessary physical tension to improve how you create, feel, and function.

Access these classes by joining the Soulforce Arts Community, an online forum and learning platform that brings together conscious artists of all kinds and abilities. Our goal? Help you discover a deeper artistic purpose, create free from blockages, and make a better world.

More information at:

Move Free, Play Free Video Course

with Ariel Weiss

An online self-study course to help musicians free unnecessary tension.

This series of 22 videos is designed to guide you step-by-step to learn how to move more freely to be in service to your music-making. Unnecessary tension can block technique and expressivity, or lead to strain and injury.

Preview and purchase at:

BodyIntelligence Self-Study Foundation Course

with Imogen Ragone

Do you often feel stuck in a cycle of stress and tension?

With the BodyIntelligence Self-Study Foundation Course you will learn at your own pace simple exercises and concepts to help you relieve stress and regulate your nervous system, so you can navigate the ups and downs of life with more ease and calm.

More information and purchase at:

Move Free, Think Free / REFRESH Video Course

with Ariel Weiss

An online self-study course for remote workers to transform pain and regain focus while working from home.

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