ATTGP offers monthly online Alexander Technique workshops for the public on a variety of topics.

The workshops will be conducted on Zoom and cost only $10 to attend.

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2024 ATTGP Workshops:

Note: All times are US Eastern Time.
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Practicing Inhibition

with Diane Sussman

Monday, February 19, 2024
7:00 – 8:00 PM  US Eastern Time

In this workshop we will explore the four principles of the Alexander Technique in more depth; Awareness, Direction, Inhibition, and “The Means Where by”, with more emphasis on Inhibiton as a skillful process which brings better facilitation of conscious control to all of your daily activities.  As we learn to adapt the “pause that refreshes” more and more into our awareness and use,
other aspects of positive change come online.

Diane Young Sussman, Alexander Technique Teacher, Philadelphia, PADiane Sussman began her private and group teaching in 1987, after graduating from The American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT).  She continued her connection with ACAT on the faculty
and over 23 years trained many others to become Alexander Technique teachers. Diane has also applied her work to her Pilates and Yoga classes, and for musicians. As a Life Coach, Diane views the Alexander study as a life-long journey of discovery and self awareness, and views it as foundational practice for a life well lived.  She can be reached through her website

Cost: $10

Contact Diane at to register.

The Power of a Positive “No” 

with Amy Ward Brimmer

Sunday, March 24, 2024
1:00 – 2:00 PM US Eastern Time

We don’t want [an] activity to be carried out by the doing process, we want it to be carried out by a releasing process. The only way you’ll get a releasing process is if you stop. — Walter Carrington 

Learning how to change habitual ways of moving requires a new way of thinking, a wish to say “no” to doing an activity. This is a positive No, a non-doing, and often one of the more challenging aspects of the Alexander Technique for many people.

In this workshop we will experiment with non-doing, “negative” directions, and withholding consent to move in familiar ways. We’ll give ourselves the time and space to discover fresh responses, revealing what is possible when movement is guided by release instead of habitual effort.

Is it really possible to leave yourself alone? What happens when you let your bodymind wisdom lead you into action? How does a change in thinking bring about a change in your physical experience?

These and other questions will be explored during this workshop.

Amy Ward Brimmer is the owner of Way Opens Wellness in Yardley, PA, where she offers Alexander Technique, Somatic Release bodywork, Compassionate Listening, and meditation instruction. With a specialty in the performing arts, and training in psychotherapy and trauma recovery, Amy has been teaching the AT since 1994. She has served on the faculties of Yale, Villanova, and Brooklyn College, and has taught diverse groups in a wide variety of settings.

Cost $10

More information and register at:

Questions? Contact Amy at

Discover the Secret of Electrifying Performances & Auditions

with Joseph Arnold

Tuesday April 23, 2024
7:00 – 8:00 PM US Eastern Time

You’re up on stage. You’re giving it your best. You did all the right techniques… but something’s off. Why isn’t it connecting? Where’s the flow, the thrill, the electrifying energy that could have your audiences on the edge of their seats? What’s the missing piece?

It’s the “X factor,” the indefinable aura of authenticity, aliveness, and connection that every actor longs to express, and that every audience wants to experience. But can the X factor be learned, or is it just a matter of luck?

Yes! The X factor can be learned. And here’s the secret: the X factor already lies in wait within you, ready to burst forth – if you simply learn how to get out of the way of it.

In this fun and engaging masterclass, you will learn how to discover your X factor and to channel it, even in the most challenging circumstances, such as performances and auditions.

Using methods based on the Alexander Technique, you will learn to let go of unnecessary tension so you can improve your stage presence and access a fuller, more dynamic expressive range. This special ability will make your performances shine, both on stage and in auditions!

Joseph Arnold is a certified Alexander Technique teacher, professional violinist, author, and Director of the Soulforce Arts Institute. He is dedicated to helping artists reconnect with their creative Soulforce so they can experience greater well-being, make transcendent art, and be of greater service to a world in need. More information at

Cost: $10

Contact Joseph to register at:

Building Awareness to Enable Change

with Heather Gardner

Saturday, May 25, 2024
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM US Eastern Time

We often find ourselves wanting to make a change in our lives, maybe in the way we do an activity or the habitual choices we tend to make.  But even when we are trying to implement a new choice we notice ourselves repeating the old behavior that we were hoping to change without being aware of it until after it’s already happened again.

In this workshop we will explore the roll awareness plays in making changes, whether physical or mental, big or small.  By learning to bring more awareness to the activities we do every day, we can improve our control over the outcome and increase the quality and our enjoyment.  We will play awareness games, learn to practice a new pattern with awareness and get to know our own habits of attention.

Heather Gardner is an Alexander Technique Teacher and musician living, working and teaching in the Philadelphia and New York City areas.  She specializes in singing 20th and 21st century works though she is equally comfortable singing Brahms, Mozart or Bach. She holds a Master’s degree in vocal performance from Rutgers University and a Bachelor’s degree in viola performance from the Eastman School of Music, where she also studied violin and voice. Heather teaches AT, singing and violin out of her West Philly studio and at the Balance Arts Center in midtown Manhattan.

Cost: $10

Register at:

If you have questions, contact Heather at:

Waking Your Expansive Awareness: Inviting Connection and Wholeness

with Anne Johnson

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
7:00 – 8:00 PM US Eastern Time

By exploring pathways of thought through the body, participants will enliven the relationship between their mind, body sensation, breathing and the space around.

Anne Johnsonhas been teaching the Alexander Technique for 25 years to individuals and groups across the globe, in her private Philadelphia studio, the Mt Airy Learning Tree, as well as businesses in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. She taught at the Boyer College of Music at Temple University for 15 years. Her teaching practice includes both in-person and online lessons and workshops. Anne finds pleasure in sharing the benefits of this rich body of work with people of all ages, skill levels, diverse professions and backgrounds. More information at:

Cost: $10

Email to Anne to register:

Summer Pause

More workshop will return in the fall.



To be kept up to date on these workshops and other ATTGP offerings, sign up for our newsletter. We’ll also notify you about other events by ATTGP teachers, tips, resources and more. Sign up here >>