ATTGP is now offering monthly online Alexander Technique workshops for the public on a variety of topics.

The workshops will be conducted on Zoom and cost only $10 to attend.

Our new line up of online workshops for 2023 is being put together now.

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2023 ATTGP Workshops:

Note: All times are US Eastern Time.
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Playing from the Heart

with Joseph Arnold

Saturday, January 14, 2023
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM US Eastern Time

Does your music (or acting or dance) sound stale? Does your body get stiff or tight when you play? Do you long to be able to play freely and with powerful emotional expression? Genuine emotional expression in music, dance, and acting is not aided by practicing more or trying harder. Trying harder only leads to more physical stiffness and stale performances. The secret lies in connecting with your emotions as you play. This simple act has surprisingly powerful results, including greater emotional impact and surprising physical ease. In this class, you will learn one of the “inner secrets” of the arts, a technique which I call “Playing from the Heart.”

Joseph Arnold is a violinist, composer, Alexander Technique teacher, and author from Philadelphia, PA. He writes and plays in a wide variety of styles, including classical, jazz, fiddle, and the blues. Joseph is the director of the Soulforce Arts Academy, teaches musicians how to play with less pain and more freedom, and will soon release his first book, “Soulforce Arts: The Vital New Role for Musicians and Artists in a World That’s Lost Its Mind.” Learn more about Joseph and his work at

Cost: $10

Contact Joseph to register at:

Connecting to the Flow of Breath

with Heather Gardner

Wednesday, February 15, 2023
7:00 – 8:00 PM US Eastern Time

Breathing is an activity that is constant in our body.  It happens when we attend to it and it happens when we don’t.  This workshop will explore how we can find more ease and flow in our torso as we breathe.  We will experiment with using the flow of the breath to expand this ease into our head and limbs.  By discovering a deeper, full-bodied support, we can find greater freedom and ease as we breathe and do the activities we love.

Heather Gardner is an Alexander Technique Teacher and musician living, working and teaching in the Philadelphia and New York City areas.  She specializes in singing 20th and 21st century works though she is equally comfortable singing Brahms, Mozart or Bach. She holds a Master’s degree in vocal performance from Rutgers University and a Bachelor’s degree in viola performance from the Eastman School of Music, where she also studied violin and voice. Heather teaches AT, singing and violin out of her West Philly studio and at the Balance Arts Center in midtown Manhattan.

Cost: $10

To register, please go to

March Winds: Bringing in the Spring Within

with Anne Johnson

Saturday, March 4, 2023
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM US Eastern Time

As we move from winter into spring, we can align our thoughts of self with those from nature. During this workshop, we will explore the natural pathways of flow in our body that reflect the stored energy in seeds desiring release from the winter soil. As we wake up our dynamic relationship with earth and the light of the sun, we can walk with more spring and sit with more comfort and ease. Finally, we will tune into the presence of our on-going breathing cycle as the wind that keeps us connected to our life force energy.

Anne Johnson has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 25 years. She teaches individuals and groups in her Philadelphia (zoom) studio and the Mt Airy Learning Tree, a community education organization in Philadelphia. She has taught at the Boyer College of Music at Temple University for 15 years. Anne finds pleasure in sharing this rich body of work with people of all ages, skill levels and diverse backgrounds. She views our current world situation as an opportunity to help people across the globe access the benefits of this work via the internet.

Cost: $10

Email to Anne to register:
More information about Anne’s work at

Why Is The Alexander Technique Different from Other Bodywork Modalities?

with Diane Sussman

Wednesday, April 12, 2023
6:00-7:15 PM  US Eastern Time

Alexander Teachers often get the question, so is the Alexander Technique like Yoga (or fill in the blank)?  In this workshop we will look at the AT as a holistic approach to your awareness of the “Use” of the “Self”, F.M. Alexander’s explanation of what the Technique actually is.  “Use” is a very vague and general word, but in its largest and most expansive sense, it means your total co-ordination and ideal movement potential.  We will take time in this class to engage in some movement explorations with the intention of enhancing our awareness of ourselves in all of our activities.

Diane Young Sussman, Alexander Technique Teacher, Philadelphia, PADiane Sussman has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1987 after she had to learn the skills and embodiment practices herself to help herself recover from debilitating back pain.  She has since given many workshops in NYC and NJ, been on the faculty of ACAT for 22 years, the Alexander Training School in Manhattan, as well as creating a private practice in Philadelphia. Her special focus is in working with musicians, and giving  workshops for Dancers, Pilates and Yoga students who wish to incorporate the principles into their own disciplines.

Cost: $10

Contact Diane at to register.

Living In Balance: An Introduction to Alexander’s Discoveries

with Ariel Weiss

Saturday, May 13, 2023 
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM US Eastern Time

Have you heard of the Alexander Technique and been curious to learn more?
Or have you wanted to tell people about AT and struggled to describe your experience?

This introductory workshop will outline the basics of Alexander’s discoveries – helping us balance both our attention and our bodies.

Where we put our attention and how we move matters!
Join us to discover the delight of coming back into balance.

Bring your curiosity and questions – all ages and abilities welcome

Ariel Weiss has nurtured a lively private practice in Philadelphia since 1988. Trained as a dancer and choreographer, she delights in helping people learn to move freely in service of their structure so they can feel and function at their full potential. Ariel teaches 3 classes weekly online and also teaches at The Curtis Institute of Music, Crosslands retirement community and Temple University in addition to her private practice. She presented her TEDX talk: Posture myth-busting in 2021. Certified through Alexander Technique International, Ariel is also an active member of ATLP (Alexander Technique Liberation Project). Learn more at

Cost: $10

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Any questions? Contact Ariel at:

Working on Your Own

with Mary McCann

Thursday, June 15, 2023
7:00 – 8:00 PM US Eastern Time

Looking for more freedom from everyday stressors?

Are you new to the Alexander Technique?

Wondering how to work on your own?

This workshop is perfect for anyone who does not have an Alexander Technique teacher living nearby. You can learn how to bring more strength, balance, and ease to your everyday life. Get started today!

Mary McCann, Alexander Technique Teacher, Philadelphia, PAMary McCann has presented ATTGP online workshops for the international community (2020-2022.) She has taught hundreds of AT workshops and lessons in the Philadelphia area and at universities and institutions across the U.S. Mary is a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique. Her background is in theatre and the performing arts.

Cost: $10

Contact Mary to register at:

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