Alexander Technique
Post-Graduate Workshop

Taught by Caren Bayer

Postponed due to COVID-19
New Date TBD
Wilmington, Delaware

Sponsored by ATTGP
(Alexander Technique Teachers of Greater Philadelphia)

Hosted by Kathryn Armour in North Wilmington
– easy access from I95

 “Although my work is primarily classic Alexander Technique, Tai Chi has offered insight into how my Alexander Technique teacher, Patrick MacDonald, conveyed his vision. MacDonald, a boxing enthusiast, and my Tai Chi teacher, Master Yu, shared the principle of quiet on the outside with dynamic strength on the inside.”
– Caren Bayer

This one-day intensive will introduce Caren’s work to Alexander Technique teachers* who have not studied with her before, where they will discover how the circularity of the Tai Chi form integrates with the principles of the Alexander Technique. These practices share powerful directions or chi for unwinding and tuning body and mind as a whole, while building greater volume and strength into our movement patterns. With coordinated timing, we will gain the confidence to throw precise spirals and arcs around a stabilized center, anchoring and synchronizing from the ground up. Through steadying our minds and restoring a quiet yet powerful presence, we can transfer a reliable spatial continuum to our students with elegance and ease.

* This workshop is open to Alexander Technique Teachers and third year/advanced trainee teachers only.

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This workshop is limited to 15 participants. Vegetarian lunch included.

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Cost: $125
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About Caren

Caren Bayer received her certification from Patrick MacDonald in London in 1984.

Since then, she has maintained a private practice in New York City, as well as leading workshops in Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, England, and Canada. 

After inheriting Rivka Cohen’s training program, Caren opened Manhattan Center for the Alexander Technique, certifying teachers from 2001-2014.

She has been on the faculty of Pacific College for Oriental Medicine and currently has a teaching affiliation with the New School for Social Research.

As a former dancer and longtime student of the martial arts, Caren brings 36 years of movement research to her teaching. 

Find more information about Caren and her work at