An Online Workshop for Alexander Technique teachers with Betsy Polatin

Sponsored by Alexander Technique Teachers of Greater Philadelphia (ATTGP)

Thursday, February 23, 2023
7:00 – 9:00 PM US Eastern Time (find your time zone here)
Delivered Live on Zoom

As Alexander Technique teachers, we don’t tend to ask students about their history of trauma. But for most people, there is one in some form.

We know that taking somebody to a more easeful comfortable place, as the Technique often does, can be very helpful. Sometimes that is enough for a lasting change. Yet other people are better served when their bracing patterns or traumatic holdings are addressed a bit more.

In this workshop, Betsy plans to point out some simple, yet effective, ways to somatically address these holdings. She will show you certain explorations that can bring a new awareness to both teacher and student. Betsy will demonstrate on one person, then the participants (who are encouraged to gather with at least one other registered participant if possible) will have the opportunity to practice with and/or observe each other to see what happens.

Some questions might be:

  • How comfortable are you really with touch?
  • I have said, “neck free” for a long time but my neck is not free. Why?

About Betsy Polatin

An internationally recognized breathing/movement specialist and best-selling author of HUMANUAL, Betsy Polatin, MFA, SEP, MAmSAT was a master lecturer and an assistant professor at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts for twenty-five years. Her background includes forty-five years of movement education and performance, as well as training in the Alexander Technique, yoga, meditation, trauma resolution, and the broader healing arts. Her work is greatly influenced by the teachings of Spiritual and Meditation Masters. Betsy leads international trainings where she presents her unique and revolutionary fusion of ideas: scientific knowledge combined with ancient wisdom and intuitive human creativity.

Betsy co-teaches with Peter A. Levine, PhD and Dr. Gabor Maté. She is the author of HUMANUAL: An Epic Journey to your Expanded Self and The Actor’s Secret. As a well-known educator, she has published numerous articles in the Huffington Post. She maintains a private practice online internationally and has a training/nontraining course. For more information, please visit:

Workshop Registration

Cost: $95



NOTE: Every teacher who attends must register individually. Registration closes at 2:00 PM US Eastern Time on Thursday, February 23 (five hours ahead of the workshop).

*ATTGP Members: Check your email for special member registration information.

A recording of the workshop will be made available to everyone who registers.

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